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During the second term holiday, Ashinaga Uganda holds a 4-day, 3-night camp.

Approximately 50 teenagers participate in the camps held in the other district of Uganda.

We also believe that music inspires, music brings life to us, no matter the situation we are facing.

We use music to enhance the lives of the youth involved in our program.

They talk to the guardians and learn how children spend their time at home.

It is extremely important for the staff members to understand children’s living environments because the roots of many issues lie in the home.

Outing/Camp: During the first term holiday each year, Ashinaga Uganda holds an outing for some 200 primary school-aged children.

Children spend the morning doing educational activities and enjoy lunch and recreational activities in the afternoon.

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Slogan is speaking Drum Music For Life Africa Foundation.

Each year 2,000 children (including repeat participants) benefit from the program, which is held nearly weekly every Saturday.

The Care Program is divides the population it serves into three different groups: nursery, primary and secondary school-aged children.

In Uganda alone 1.9 million children, or 10% of its population, have lost parents due to HIV/AIDS.

Once these children lose their parents, many of them drop out of school and are forced to work.

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