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Next month the Census Bureau will announce the results of the 2010 Census and the reapportionment will be governed by a statutory formula.Texas, which has had a prosperous decade, is projected to gain four seats; California, its economy plundered by public sector unions, is projected to gain none for the first time since it was admitted to the Union in 1850.But there was a big difference in voters’ responses.In 1982 the Republicans lost 26 seats in the House - a significant but not enormous loss.Exit polls showed that most voters believed that Reagan’s economic policies would produce a good economic recovery in the long run.Lower tax rates, reductions in scheduled government spending -voters believed these would lead to a private sector recovery after an extended period of economic stagnation. The Obama Democrats lost about 65 seats - an unusually high number.

Rolling back government spending to 2008 levels, a promise in the House Republican leaders’ Pledge to America issued last September, will take more work.It spread far and wide in state elections, at least in what show business people call the flyover country, the vast expanse between New York and New England in the Northeast and California on the West Coast.Republicans won all the governorships up in flyover country except in Colorado (where they had a nominee with a speckled past), Arkansas and, if confirmed in a recount, Minnesota.The election results establish conclusively that the Obama Democrats’ big increases in government spending are highly unpopular.They don’t necessarily establish that spending cuts of Osborneian magnitude will be popular.

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