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The Pretty Vacant band last performed together in 2008 and while big money reunions are the current trend, the bassist has told fans not to hold their breath.

Speaking to The Sun Online to promote new album The Anarchy Arias - 13 classic punk songs reworked by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - he said: "I don't get out of bed in the morning thinking is it gonna happen, but who knows.

Punk, arguably, was best served by the seven-inch single: short sharp bursts of youthful energy and invective.

SEX Pistols' Glen Matlock isn't expecting the iconic punk rockers to reunite any time soon.

The project is set to be turned into a West End musical in 2018.

While he admitted he's no operatic singer, Glen said he would be open to performing a track live if asked. If they ask me I'm certainly not an operatic singer but I wouldn't mind getting up and singing one song with them that would be a blast." Glen also branded recent Manchester bombing "disgusting", and said the current terrorist threat was reminiscent of playing in the 70s when the IRA was prominent.

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So it’s a very easy thing to put your finger on and say: yeah, that’s where everything kind of changed.I'm always doing lots of different things and I do loads of solo shows as well.It's a mixed bag but I think if you go through most people's record collections its not all one brand of music, people have different tastes. "There's only two types of music: there's good music and bad music.They were schoolboys, schoolgirls, they were people who worked for the Manchester Dock company, they were plasterers from Denton.A lot of them were ordinary people.""The film 24 Hour Party People, the first scene is a variety of people sat in the Lesser Free Trade Hall watching the Sex Pistols. As opposed to 40-odd slightly weird-smelling, long-haired Mancunians in this little room. They sent club culture around the world, they sent the independent record scene around the world, they took a style of music around the world: you know, that’s an amazing thing to come out of one little room on Peter Street.

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