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The Jesuits built the mission Sainte-Marie among the Hurons and wrote extensively about the Huron-Wendat culture.In 1636, Jesuit missionary Jean de Brebeuf observed and wrote about The Huron Feast of the Dead which occurred at the Huron-Wendat village of Ossossane which was located in what is now Tiny Township.The township was named in 1822 after a pet dog of Lady Sarah Maitland (1792–1873), wife of Sir Peregrine Maitland, Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada.Two other adjoining townships were also named for her pet dogs, Tay and Flos (now Springwater Township).Die elektronische Veröffentlichung ohne Zugangsbeschränkungen von Forschungsergebnissen macht wissenschaftliche Informationen besser sichtbar, mit der positiven Konsequenz, dass diese häufiger zitiert werden.Dabei gleichen der Einreichungs- sowie der Qualitätssicherungsprozess (Peer Review) dem des Publizierens in traditionellen Zeitschriften.

Folgende Bedingungen setzen eine Übernahme der Publikationsgebühren voraus.

In 1868, the townships were separated through a Simcoe County by-law.

Tiny Township area is still very much a bilingual (French and English) area of Ontario, and is one of 25 municipalities in Ontario designated for bilingual government services under the French Language Services Act.

Diseases brought by the French in this period had a devastating affect on the Huron-Wendat.

It is estimated that circa 1600, just prior to European contact, the total population of Wendake was between 20 000 and 25 000 people.

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