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Aotea Lodge Whitford Brown Avenue Papakowhai Wellington New Zealand Tel: 64 Fax: 64 Reservations: 08email: This email address is being protected from spambots. web: Aotea Lodge offer accommodation with a country-harbour setting in Porirua, close to Wellington City.

Combined with licensed restaurant and bar (open Mon to Saturday) , making us the perfect all-in-one venue for holiday makers, tourists, family groups, Wellington Interislander ferry travellers, business people and conference functions.

Read More Appeal against an order confiscating a vehicle on the basis that it was not owned by the defendant and that confiscation would cause the appellant undue hardship - the defendant was the appellant’s son who was sentenced charges of theft, and driving while suspended (3rd or subsequent offence) -the Judge ordered confiscation of the motor vehicle used in the offending under s129 Sentencing Act 2002 (SA) - the appellant claimed the vehicle been sold to him - the vehicle registration was changed after the offence was committed but before sentencing - the appellant alleged that his son had owed him money and had transferred the vehicle in satisfaction of his debts - s131(3) SA provided that if the court was not satisfied that a disposition of the motor vehicle was made with a bona fide intention to dispose permanently of his or her ownership or interest in the vehicle, the court could set the disposition aside - whether there had been a bona fide disposition to the appellant - whether the appellant would suffer undue hardship.

Read More Appeal against conviction on charges relating to breaches of the Companies Act 1993 (CA) – the appellant breached a notice prohibiting him from being a director of a company or taking part in the management of the company under s385(3) CA – the notice of an intention to prohibit was served by an official on the appellant’s lawyer but the lawyer could not recall if he had passed it on – the notice of prohibition was then posted to residential addresses provided by the appellant to the Companies Office in respect of the companies that formed the subject matter of the decision to issue a prohibition notice, but not to the address most recently provided by the appellant to the Companies Office – meaning of "last known address” - whether there was effective service in writing of either notice – whether service in the manner used had to be effected by the Registrar or Deputy Registrar and not by an official.

Read More Appeal against the granting of summary judgment against the appellant on the grounds that it was not arguable that his deceased wife’s estate had been entitled to a 50 per cent benefit of a life insurance policy over her life – the appellant and his wife had two separate life policies, each of which named one spouse as the life insured and both as the policy owners – an owner was the person(s) named as Policy Owner in the Schedule and, if more than one, meant all such persons jointly - the appellant and his wife were named in the schedule as the Policy Owner – the wife was murdered in Bangladesh and shortly thereafter, the appellant became bankrupt with his interest in the policy being assigned to the Official Assignee (OA) – the OA had accepted the respondent’s avoidance of the policy and refused to assign the right to sue on the policy to the appellant– whether the policy was owned by the appellant and wife as tenants in common so that her share fell into her estate and he could enforce the policy as executor of her estate - in the alternative, whether the policy was held on a joint tenancy, which was severed on the appellant’s bankruptcy, so that the wife and the OA held the policy as tenants in common – whether the proceeding was a collateral attack on a finding in another proceeding that the OA’s refusal to assign the right to sue was not unreasonable.

Read More Application to appeal or judicially review a District Court (DC) decision to grant an application by Television New Zealand Limited (TVNZ) to allow in-court video recording of the applicant’s up-coming sentencing hearing in the DC – the applicant had been subject to an Extended Supervision Order (ESO) in respect of sexual offending - he had removed his electronic monitor and was convicted of breaching the terms of the ESO – TVNZ requested permission to film for television, take still photographs and record audio of the sentencing – the applicant said that the decision was contrary to the “In-Court Media Coverage Guidelines 2015” (the Guidelines) in that it failed to take into account cl 2(e), namely the interest, concerns and perceptions of the parties, victims and witnesses - whether the Guidelines formed a jurisdictional basis for an appeal or whether the proceeding should have been initiated as one for judicial review - whether the judge had not taken into account the interest, concerns and perceptions of the parties, victims and witnesses.

Maniava was almost erased by Cyclone Winston in February 2016. About 800 people gathered to support Henry Bull's ordination to the episcopate yesterday.

He chose to become Bishop Henry Bull of Vanua Levu and Taveuni in a cathedral not made by hands...• Bishop Helen-Ann Hartley's Labasa sermon Last Sunday, congregations gathered to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first ordinations of women to the priesthood here – and to celebrate the contributions of women, past, present and future.

Read More Appeal against the High Court’s dismissal of an application under s5 Costs in Criminal Cases Act 1967 (CCCA) to recover trial costs – the appellant successfully appealed his convictions on the basis of fresh evidence – the evidence related to discussions held at a lunch around the structuring of donations to the appellant’s mayoral campaign and whether he had subsequently declared three payments to be anonymous when in fact he knew who the donor was – evidence from two people who had been present was later tracked down for the appeal – the appellant’s application under the CCCA alleged that the evidence of the main prosecution witnesses in relation to the donations had been shown to be fabricated and that deficiencies in the evidence of those witnesses could and should have been discovered earlier had proper inquiries been made - whether the subsequent evidence showed that the prosecution case was based on fabricated evidence – whether the evidence should have been discovered earlier by the prosecution.

Read More Application by the Ministry of Social Development (the Ministry) for a declaration that a child, at that point unborn, was a subsequent child under s14(1)(ba) Children, Young Persons and Their Families Act (CYPFA) (A child or young person is in need of care or protection... the child is a subsequent child of a parent to whom s18A applies...) – the child was one of four children – the three older children had been removed from their parents – the decision as to the status of the younger child depended on whether there had been a determination made in respect of the older children - it had been intended that they would be returned but at some point that decision changed – there was no hearing on this issue and there only was an annotation in the court file recording the decision – comments on a process by which the Court could confidently say that a person qualified pursuant to s18B(2) CYPFA - whether the Court had determined that there was no realistic prospect of the return home of the older children (s18B(2)(c)) - whether the phrase “kind of harm” in s18A(3) CYPFA, was the harm which led to a declaration application (s18B(2)(a)) or the kind of harm which led to the determination that there was no realistic prospect of the child being returned to that person’s care (s18B(2)(c)) - whether these provisions were retrospective, and therefore, on the face of them, limited by s7 Interpretation Act 1999 (Enactments do not have retrospective effect).

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