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NP: The most advanced robots in terms of their intelligence do not exist in sex.

The most advanced development I have seen for emotional tasks is for automated therapy, such as for PTSD.

Established romantic relationships could include a robot to increase their sexual breadth.

Robots also might serve in a discharge capacity—directing illegal sexual behaviors towards the robot instead of a human. NP: The biggest likely negative effect is the technology backlash that always occurs in sexuality: people will be shamed for sexual behaviors with robots.

Thankfully, it doesn't look like sexbots are in danger of replacing human partners—at least for now.

According to a survey by Tufts University researchers, most people agree that having sex with a robot is more like using a sex toy than sleeping with a person.

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Nicole Prause: Sure, at the most basic level, sex robots already exist.What positive effects do you think they could have on our lives?NP: Robots could be very useful in situations where partner access is not available.For example, therapy to overcome sexual abuse might feel safer to start with a well-controlled, programmed, non-judgemental partner.Those who have difficulty attracting partners, due to mental illness, different physical appearance, or simple disinterest, might choose to enjoy sexual activity with robots.

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