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To the tenacity and brain-power of France we owe the fact that we have had time to overcome our racial lethargy and make some show of being a Military as well as a Naval Power.

It is France which has really broken the power of German)/.

Assuming it to be useful, a dozen like it should be ordered from the original maker before February 7th. When standing up and looking over the top near the pilot one could see sundry heads sticking out of a hatchway some distance back along the main deck, and these seemed to be members of bur party, although I never saw (hem close to.

Under modern workshop conditions the dozen should be delivered b}' March 31st at latest. “ Out of respect for the Censor I must not say how many engines we had, but they made an infernal row.

To take a purely hypothetical case, it is no use producing a new tvpe in . In the very nose of the machine a youth was reclining gracefully, his feet, encased in dancing pumps, stretching under the pilot’s seat. Behind the pilot were t’nree of us sitting on the floor and four or five standing up with their noses firmly held against sundry windows.

January, testing it till June, thinkinar about it till v September, getting drawing's through to sub-con- tractors till December, waiting for bulk deliveries till April or ]\Iay of the following year, and training the squadrons on those machines till August or .so, before July 12, igi 6 rhe Aeroplane 43 The Sop with Aviation Co. I Telephone Kingston 774 (3 Lines) Telegrams * ' Sopwith, Kingston ' ' h % i I KINDLY MENTION “THE AEROPLANE” WHEN CORRESPONDING WITH ADVERTISERS. “ Amidships were a number of enthusiasts seated on the bomb department, with their faces against a petrol tank.

At the end of the war Russia, and not Germany, will be the most powerful military nation in the world, and America rather than England will probably be the world’s financial centre. The sub-contractors, without waiting for drawings, would start at once and take the sample machines to pieces. “ At 5,000 feet we ran into thick white clouds, and the report was spread by those whose noses were still against the windows that we were passing over a steam laundry. Each piece would be used as a model for repro- duction. I found on the floor a copy of the ‘ Royal Cornwall Gazette,’ and began to read a column headed ‘ A Hundred Years Ago.’ Under the circum- stances, the contrast suggested was quite amusing. I made a few notes, and found writing quite easy and comfortable. It attacked without cessation from its earliest Issues those who delayed the development of British aeroplanes and British engines, and the sequel is visible to all to-day in the existence of the R. Also, The Aeroplane has made many friends, and the greatest satisfaction one feels to-day is that the firmest friends of the paper are the men who have made good under the stress of war. Sassoon, who made the paper financially pos- sible — and whose severance of his connection with the paper, owing to reasons outside his own control, at the end of 1911 has always been a source of regret to the present writer. That in itself would be bad enough — far worse strain on the nerves, in fact, than crossing the German lines at 8,000 feet on a slow machine, with “Archie” in his best form. Varnish will not penetrate Titanine, as can be seen by examining the back of the 'fabric. 3 FLEXIBILITY AND ADHESION— Dope two pieces of similar fabric with Titanine and another dope, bend the two samples backwards and forwards and the greater flexibility of Titanine will be at once noticeable. Tests will show that weight for weight, Titanine gives the most impervious skin. When no finishing material is applied, Titanine can be polished quickly and inexpensively (and at less than one-fourth the cost of a coat of dope) by means of the Polishing Fluid supplied by the manufacturers. The ruling that certain members of Parliament are “ n embers of the public ” and so must be excluded may be perfectly coirect in law, but one fails to see how, for the purposes of this inquiry, they are any more “members of the public” than most of the members of the Committee — seeing (hat it is not a Royal Com- mission. P.s were considered sufficiently trustworthy to be allowed to attend the Secret Sessions of the House, and to attend the confidential interview with the late — and ever to be regretted— Lord Kitchener, one imagines they might be sufficiently trustworthy to hear the statements of those wfcm they have criticised. The following report has been received from a member of the crew of what the daily Press would doubtless call an “ Aerial Super-Dreadnought.” The Censor’s Department has kindly passed it for publication : — “ I have taken part to-day in a flight which was a world’s record. The fact leads one to believe that the labours of the past five years have not been wasted. But to expeet any imung officer to face such an inquisition with the C3"e of his commanding officer on him all the time is right outside the range of practical politics. Here, again, the reproach is due to lack of understanding of the position. engine with bridge-pieces let into the crank-case to prevent splitting? engines placed with a firm of motor-car manufacturers? Titanine after exposure retains its flexibility and adhesion in a remarkable degree, Athen other dopes lose the greater part of their flexibility and adhesion owing to their brittleness. 3 LIGHTNESS- Three coats of Titanine, forming the impervious surface mentioned above, weigh less than 2 oz. This view is confirmed by the fact that; they were, at different times, given every facility to inspect French military aeronautical establishments, and even to visit front line aerodromes — a courtesy which has not, apparently, been extended to them by the British military authorities. It was not merely a record as regards the number of passengers carried, but there was something about the affair which made it probably the funniest performance ever seen in any sky.

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