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It was a challenge for us to stay one step ahead.'However, despite Miss Trimble's success, many viewers have subjected her to vicious abuse.

Nickelodeon's "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" hit TV screens everywhere starting in 2004.

While some have praised the 26-year-old as 'very sexy with a gorgeous smile', others call her 'a hateful know-it-all' and an ' annoying bitch'.

They have taken particular exception to her saying 'Oh, well done', 'Of course' and 'Quite' to her teammates.

Gail Trimble, seen with team-mates Sam Kay, left, and James Marsden outside Corpus Christi College.

She has scored more points on University Challenge than her three team-mates combined Following her success, Miss Trimble has been hailed as the programme's greatest contestant ever.

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