Dating remington rifles serial number

No's 20 and 30 sights cost £7-5s-0d, whilst the Model 12f rifle, with Parker-Hale Model 2 fore-sight and No.7 rear-sight was again priced at £7-5s-0d.

Hi I just bought a parker Hale .270 bolt action rifle.

The same method of detachment was still attributed to the B. But perhaps there is an example lurking out there somewhere! An allowance of 3/- (.15p) was made if the tangent leaf sight was not required. The price there was as against a new Winchester Model 52 at only . We are unable to understand the reference in this book to the "new longer fore-stock" (fore-end as we now call it). One rifle was reported, in a catalogue, with a serial number of 586555 but, since most seem not to much exceed 58,000 we suspect this may be a misprint with an extra "5"!

On these rifles, the cocking indicator lever is still present. We receive occasional enquiries regarding BSA rifles and the possibility that their serial numbers indicate the date of manufacture.

We have seen several take-downs with deep fore-ends that have a smaller panel of finer chequering, which we believe was an earlier variation from possibly the 1920's. Rifles with these split actions have maintained their integrity over nearly a hundred years of use and many thousands of operations.

Query: I am the proud owner of a Model 12 that I have owned for 30 years. Thanks very much, any info will be greatly appreciated. John Knibbs ( John Knibbs International; worked at BSA for many years and nowadays sells spares for a cross-section of their cartridge and air rifles.

The rifle was advertised as a basic No.12 with open sights at £5-12s-0d, and with B. For those who may be seeking such information, we copy one such enquiry and, in part, our reply below. Is there any info on the approximate manufacture date? in production for more than 30 years, with most manufactured between the two World Wars, and an as yet undiscovered total production figure, accurately dating a Model 12 is not something we have not been able to easily achieve.

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