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Restaurant owner Elliott, who lives in Marbella with Sadie, confirmed a two-part show will cover the lead-up to their big day and show them tying the knot.

On Instagram he wrote: "Sadie and I are really excited to officially announce that we have a new TV show with @limepictures @itvbe.

Check out the promo video, narrated by Sherry Shepard, our favorite NBABM ex-morning TV host. “They’ll hold nothing back from fighting for their man.” That’s a dog whistle if I’ve ever heard one.

Cue the wretchedness we’ll all be subjected to while Stevie ponders his decision of who to pick. No mention of a father, and I’m sorry but many of you know what that produces–spoiled, entitled beings who believe that women are put on this earth to service any and all their needs, who often have absolutely NO IDEA how to be good husbands and fathers because they’ve never seen it.

It’s an all around mess, and I’m sure America will have a big, fat, guffaw.

What makes this show even more pathetic is that the host, Sherry Shepard who is embroiled in a bitter divorce with a man who looked good on paper in the black community, and now she’ll be strapped to him forever, paying child support to the surrogate child they had together and the court ordered her to acknowledge.

It’s so far from real life–contrived conflicts and faux outrage.One thing for sure is that I can not purchase strike anywhere matches locally.Our grocery store refuses to stock them for fear that they will spontaneously combust.Sadie and Elliott, who has two kids from a previous relationship, started going out in 2015 and he popped the question last summer.Former boxer Elliott is also the cousin of Mark's sister Jessica Wright, who was recently linked to Love Island lothario Mike Thalassitis.

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